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Safety equipment is necessary for a safe work place. Especially at altitude or in complex work spaces. Drameco has been entrusted to produce various metal safety applications, fire prevention and fire-resistant applications.

And also wire grilles for safety protection on jetty work sites and at the rear of warehouse racks to ensure safe distancing.

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Fire safety equipment

Drameco produces large-scale parts for metal hose trucks, loose tripods for fire hose reels, hose boxes, fire escapes and metal fire-resistant cladding

Metal safety equipment during a pandemic

During a prevailing pandemic it’s important to continue to work in a virus-free environment. Drameco ensures this with discrete solutions in a combination of metal plastic and with a chic, slender metal disinfection column.

Displays for safety equipment

As a specialist in communication displays, Drameco has years of experience in the world of metal displays for safety equipment. Store décor displays, communication displays, point-of-sale materials and advertising modules. Also counter displays and floor displays for safety goggles and fire-resistant clothing.

Display products are available in combination with other materials such as plastic, wood and cardboard and also with text boards or textile photo banners as options. We handle design, production and the delivery of neatly packed complete displays with assembly instructions included. Ready for installation on-site. Drameco are your best choice for effective metal presentation displays in the field of safety equipment.

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