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To ensure safe play and recreation, it is very important that sports halls, games rooms and gymns are safely equipped.  The interiors must be tailored to their specific sporting activity and Drameco produces metal products and components for the designers, decorators and equipment manufacturers in this sector.

Both fixed and movable sports and leisure equipment must be robust and hardwearing and  should also be stored safely for hygiene and security reasons.

Metal plate, tube and wire play an important role in many of these examples in sport and leisure and Drameco supports many sports facilities designers and  suppliers of sports and leisure equipment.

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Metal products for sports and leisure equipment

Drameco produces lockable metal ball carts and lockers, steel tennis net poles and steel clothing lockers. Also metal door frames for storage systems, suspension brackets for sports bikes and custom stainless steel brackets.

As a sports hall decorator or manifacturer of sports and leisure equipment do you require any metal parts like electrically retractable toolbars, climbing rope installations,

ring sets, electric lifting units, climbing frames, trampoline brackets, volleyball and basketball installations or climbing installations?

Drameco produces both fixed and movable sports equipment for jumping or gymnastics, mounts for grandstand seats, protective grilles for clocks and lighting in sports halls plus all kinds of equipment and accessories storage solutions like lockers, transport trucks and storage frames.

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Communication displays for sporting goods

Drameco also produce a wide range of displays for the sports and leisure industry : advertising modules for tennis rackets and balls, point-of-sale displays for winter sports shoes, walking shoes, chains and hooks.

Drameco likes to facilitate sports and recreation and if you’re a sports hall decorator, equipment manufacturer or sports supplies dealer who needs any customized products, contact Drameco now!


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