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In the world of internal logistics systems for industry and warehousing, design, continuity, efficiency, speed and optimal lead times are paramount.  This involves many varied metal parts and steel products for manufacturers, warehouse builders and machinery constructors.

Drameco supplies metal wagons, steel bins, metal rack shelves, metal conveyor belt components, various metal wire grilles, metal baskets and drive plates.

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Internal Transport Systems

Correctly functioning transport systems are crucial, whether for transporting general cargo or pallets either manually or automatically. Drameco produces various metal parts for supporting transport systems and machines.

There are numerous internal logistics applications for semi-finished products in the production process. From metal parts for conveyor belts to roller tracks. We produce wire baskets for the roller tracks during the degreasing process in factories and also the metal parts for transporting the burner system in boilers that goes from machine to machine during production. These parts and baskets are made of steel or stainless steel to prevent rusting and ensure longevity.

Metal applications in warehouse fittings

Drameco produces various kinds of metal storage racks for a wide range of boxes, containers, pelletized products etc. We also produce the widely-used metal stacking baskets with undercarriage.

Metal wire boards are often used in warehouse racks as a fire safety measure and due to the presence of sprinklers. Drameco also supply  warehouse suppliers with handrail columns, utilizing the space and height of the warehouse and safegaurding against falls and accidents. We also produce drive plates, shelves, wire grilles, wire storage boxes and collapsible wire baskets.

So if you’re looking for metal products as part of your warehouse fitting we can produce mobile pallet racks, metal shelves, modular racks, hook-in racks, metal filing cabinets and anything else you might need .

Are you in the manufacturing industry, as a warehuse designer or machine maker?

Check with Drameco for metal wagons, steel bins, handrail columns, drive plates, shelves, metal conveyor belt parts, wire transport baskets, wire grille, metal grille, custom ceiling grilles or ventilations grilles.

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