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Our offer


Drameco has been a respected partner for countless shopfitters for 45 years. Whether they are wire baskets, custom-made shops or an AGF shelf. Drameco takes care of the complete picture.


The use of displays is the best way to enhance and highlight your products on the shop floor. A shop-in-shop increases your brand identity in-store.


Plate products and combinations with wire and tube have become a strong extension to our delivery program. Together with the professional knowledge we have in-house we develop various complex but also simple solutions.


Drameco is the best solution for organising your point-of-sale materials for your dealers and customers. We manufacture wire and metal products for shop interiors as well as industrial solutions.

Our in-house industrial designers specialise in designing the perfect package for wire products and POS materials. We have a complete offer, wire shelves, wire baskets, grates for refrigerators and fans, customised metal displays with combined multi-material options of plastics, wood etc…

Our group of 50 employees in-house are motivated to supply you with quality products.

Shop interior

Solutions for every store interior

InStore Displays

Effective P.O.S.

Industrial Products

Endless applications

DRAMECO has been a household name for over 45 years when it comes to

Shopping facilities. At DRAMECO you are assured of COMPLETE SERVICE.

With our internal and external production facilities we can guarantee the best quality at competitive prices. We also provide logistics, filling, warehousing, installation and transport operations.

We are also a respected partner for countless shopfitters. Reactive and able to cater to the market’s demand with the ability to listen and find solutions with the customer. A flexible short line production with large capacities. Our own product from stock or a custom product on request, we are ready to deliver to you throughout Europe.


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Point of Sales, displays & Image branding

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Shop fitting solutions, Industrial wire Products

A glimpse into the production

Here you can view our company film, in which the daily works of Drameco are shown. 

Working method


1. Application / briefing

A successful project starts with a clear briefing. Our briefing or application is jointly reviewed and discussed by us, as a result of this a plan of action is drawn up. This way we start with a good basis from which we can work.


2. Design phase

When you have applied for a customized product, a realistic 3d design drawing is created. Your wishes are converted into an effective and functional design. This design can be adjusted several times when necessary, until it is completely to your liking. In response to this drawing you will receive a quote.

3. Technical design / prototyping

Then follows the technical drawings and possibly the creation of a sample. In preparation for the production of your product an exact construction is determined and drawn out. The short lines within the company allow us to deliver a prototype in no time.

4. Production

Time to start producing! Drameco has a modern and flexible production capacity. We are in possession of a tube laser machine and a plate laser machine. This greatly increases our production possibilities. Finally, our own powder coating street for the coloured finish.

5. Assembly, Packaging, Distribution

Drameco provides a complete service in terms of assembly, packaging, storage and transport of your order. Its own logistic centre of 3000 M2 provides storage and dispatch, as well as the longer term storage for the customer. For distribution of your products, we rely on our partners that we have been working with for years. Fast, reliable and with excellent service.

How we produce

Drameco has a modern and flexible production capacity. The wire from 2 to 10 mm comes on coils of 1000 kg each and is processed on 4 targeting machines that make the wire energize and at the right length for the production. Also from the coil the 3-D bending robot works up to 6 mm and a range of 80 cm and a 2-D bending machine with Stomplas unit up to 10 mm with a range of up to 250 cm.

For production of baskets, mats and shelves we have 4 IDEAL Roosterlas machines and 2 Portaallas machines and 6 Co2-Panasonic welding robots. The production assembly of baskets and displays has 6 Co2 Lasplaatsen, 15 weather standslas machines, tube bender and 3 Bistronic side benches.

Our own powder coating street ensures the coloured finish with the following assembly and wrapping department. Its own logistic centre of 3000 M2 provides storage and dispatch, as well as the longer term storage for the customer.

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