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We understand your world. Whatever you would like to offer your customers, visitors or clients, we can make it for you, In metal. Because that’s what we’re good at. Technical products, parts and accessories in metal to a maximum length of 2 metres. Wire baskets and boards. Articles combined of metal tube, plate and wire. But also metal in combination with wood, cardrboard and plastic. Sometimes the metal is the invisible part in the product, sometimes it’s the shiny leading role.


About us

“For our international customers, I want to make it even more possible in metal.”

Tom Schröder, international

“I love the diversity in the types of companies we work with and in the range of metal products we produce. We have great communication with our customers through the entire process of realizing  their metal projects.”

Hans Althof, commercial

“I am very proud to deliver real craftsmanship in making products of the best possible quality for our customers”

Özkan Uzun, Welder

“Every day is different at Drameco and always a pleasure to create new metal projects for our customers.”

Rene Kolmer, production

“I love the challenge of realizing unique products for our customers which they, and also ourselves, can be proud of.”

Vanessa Timmer, press brake

“I do this for the wide variety of products and to ensure the best possible packaging so that all products are delivered safely to our customers.”

Wim Middeljans, assembly

“There is nothing more fun than collaborating with our customers to realize their projects in metal.”

Wim van der Zee, for customers

Enabling a safe working environment    

Drameco is known for producing to customer’s specifications. However, in today’s uncertain Covid era, we ouselves want to ensure safe living and working conditions for our customers and for us too.

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