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Metal wire baskets for both hanging and stacking as used in supermarkets, hardware stores and varied retail outlets.

Metal hanging baskets

For items that can’t self-support or are difficult to stack, the hanging basket is the perfect solution.  Consider wire baskets for bags of confectionary or other soft packaging. These metal baskets allow you to present these products in bulk in an organised, flexible and efficient way.

Sometimes these metal hanging baskets also serve as a “header” – presenting both hard and soft packaging in a clear and prominent position.  Drameco supplies a wide range of wire baskets in a variety of designs.

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Hanging basket options

Drameco produces baskets for any kind of store fixtures system. We provide hanging baskets with custom-made hanging modules. These baskets can be galvanized, chromed or painted in any colour. We have wire baskets for standard racks and systems in stock in Coevorden.

Hanging baskets are available with either open or closed sides. With the open option, separators can be used to create any desired box width in situ. There are also collapsible options which facilitate transporting and warehouse storing. We also make clickable plastic price rails for inserting labels.

Baskets can be customized in metal wire only or combined with plate metal, plastic or wood. Contact us for more information.

Metal wire basket sizing

Our metal baskets can hang in any shelf system and we carry stock for standard shop racks and shelf systems such as the Tego thorem. Fast delivery guaranteed.
Custom width, depth and mesh sizes are also available on request. The baskets range between 37 and 77cm deep and between 66.5 and 133cm wide.

Metal stacking baskets

Metal wire stacking baskets are commonly used in retail stores, pharmacies, hardware stores and warehouses. These metal stacking baskets stand independently and serve to both present products neatly in a retail environment and also to organize stock products in the warehouse.
The advantage of metal stacking baskets is that they can be placed anywhere without the need of a support or wall. The baskets also come with dividers and a chassis that can be mounted on wheels to facilitate mobility.

Metal stacking baskets

Stack basket sizing and options
The wire stacking basket can be rigid or collapsible and is the perfect solution fors space saving in store. The sizes range from 37 to 77cm deep and 66.5 to 133cm wide.
Designs and dimensions available are the same as the wire hanging basket and consideration needs to be made for the volume and weight of the products intended.

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