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Drameco’s metal wire shelves are designed and made in Holland and offer plenty of advantages in-store.  They are strong and safe to use and can be used for stocking any product from toilet paper to bottles of milk. The high quality coating finish and lack of sharp edges or corners prevents any chance of damage to products or injury to users. The strength of the metal is also resistant to denting.

Metal wire shelves are also hygenic thanks to the open wire mesh. This mesh also allows light to pass through the shelves and as a result the entire theorem from top to bottom has a very open aspect.

This open aspect benefits the entire retail space.

Wire shelves are often used in supermarkets and hardware stores to replace closed shelves as they provide a more fitted, quality finish.

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A metal wire shelf for every shop layout

Wire shelves are suitable for any and every shop design. So many different designs and sizes are available so that the right wire shelf fits the relevant store interior.  These wire shelves contribute to the overall appearance of the store decor and reinforce the brand or store identity.

Wire shelf design

There are so many options available for wire shelving.  The store fixtures obviously determine the style of shelf, but there are still many choices.  Double front wires, shelves with gutters, special price profiles and galvanized, chromed or painted options. Drameco offers all these options.

Almost every retail chain has its own version of metal shelves and so they are produced in various, customized, versions. For example, with Tegometall foegulate (COOP Schweiz, EMTE), U-gutter (C-1000, SdB), double wire or strip (JUMBO, Famila, EDEKA).

Wire shelf sizing

The metal wire shelves are available in different width, depth and mesh sizes. These range from 10 to 80cm in depth and 50 to 133cm in width. The carrying capacity must also be considered in the calculation and the subsequent number of cross-stripping.

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