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Metal frames, supports, wire grilles and screens. Metal brackets, locks and carts. Metal products and parts are available for every sector. The possibilities are endless and too many to mention, but whatever your industry and whatever you wish to offer your customers, visitors, guests,employees, patients or even animals, it can be made possible in metal.

Metal products for a variety of applications

Drameco’s metal products and parts are everywhere. From technical products and metal parts in agriculture to education and from shop fittings to sport and recreation. From medical applications to DIY and from transport to safety equipment.

We can make whatever metal products, parts or accessories you need up to a maximum length of 2 metres. We specialize in combining metal tube, plate and wire articles but also produce metal combine with wood, cardboard and plastic.

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Metal products by industry

Efficiency, innovation and animal welfare are paramount in the agricultural industry. Flexibility and quality are of great importance in robotisation, machinery and transport systems. Drameco supplies animal-friendly grids, wire grilles, chicken grilles, metal agricultural machine parts and mesh mats.

In the construction sector it is all about safety and efficiency in the workplace and metal applications are very diverse. We can supply parapet systems for balustrades and parts for all kinds of mounting systems, facade supports and canopy brackets for gutters. But also steel fencing parts, wire mats, metal mesh, custom metal brackets and wire lockers.

In education, not a sector you maybe associate with metal, there are actually many appliactions. Drameco provides frames for digiboards, parts for metal lockers and filing cabinets as well as stainless steel countertops.

In sports and leisure, hygiene, safety and security are important. Metal equipment carts and lockers, steel tennis net poles, clothing and bag lockers. All kinds of metal door frames, suspension brackets for bikes and RSS bes-made brackets. Drameco makes all sorts of products fort he sports and leisure industry.

In the furniture industry it’s all about functionality and aesthetics and the right materials for outdoor weather conditions. Metal products and pieces not only look good but add strength and durability in this trend sensitive world. Steel furniture frames, stainless steel furniture legs and tables, all kinds of tube frames, wire frames and wire shapes. These are just a selection of products Drameco can supply fort he furniture industry.

The highest levels of safety and hygiene are requirements in the medical world. Stainless steel applications are preferable over other materials. Drameco have experience producing for laboratories : stainless steel waste bins, parts for transport trucks and archive storage racks. Safety at work during a pandemic is possible with Drameco’s mudscreen frames and disinfection dispensers.

The technical field of installation needs to be safe, fast and efficient. Drameco can produce a wide range of installation products from ventilation grilles to ceiling parts and barriers.

DIY and horticulture products must be weatherproof, user-friendly and safe for consumers. This field requires specialist knowledge and experience.  Drameco can produce galvanized wre, mesh and tube products, steel fencing, greenhouses, steel corner frameworks, galvanized fences and fence posts.

Metal is widely used in the transport and warehouse equipment industry. Efficiency, flow, speed and optimal lead times are of great importance and Drameco can produce metal wagons, metal bins, metal racks and shelves, parts for conveyor belts, metal wire grilles, baskets and drive plates.

Drameco also has experience producing safety equipment for use in technical situations and at altitude. Metal fire prevention and fire-resistant equipment, parts for metal reel trucks, tripods for fire hoses, fire hose cabinets, fire escapes and metal fire-resistant cladding.

In the retail environment, efficiency and comfort are important for both shopping and working. Drameco produces high quality metal wire baskets, wire shelves and bins.

Metal displays need to present and persuade affectively. Drameco’s metal displays can inform and  communicate clearly with your customers.

Drameco can produce such a wide range of metal products and components for so many industries and applications. This includes your industry too, whatever you need we can make it in metal.

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