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Metal’s appearance, strength and durability are perfect for creating both a pleasant working environment and a designer living  space. Furniture must be aesthetically pleasing and functional and

Drameco makes all kinds of steel frames for furniture, stainless steel furniture legs, tables, tube frames, wire frames and shapes and lots more.

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Variety of metal in the furniture industry

Drameco produces metal products and parts for many suppliers in the furniture industry. From wire benches at NS train stations to all kinds of frames, legs and uprights for tables and chairs in retail, education and the care sector. From square steel legs for marble tabletops to hanging hooks for fabric wall panels on which bookshelves and lamp holders are mounted.

Displays in the furniture industry

We also produce a wide variety of communication displays for furniture showrooms. For example steel point-of-sale displays for floor panels in laminate and parquet.

Furniture for both inside and outside

Street furniture for public authorities is often produced in wire metal, for example wire benches at train stations. Vandalism resistance is an important factor and metal obviously has a great advantage in terms of material strength. Metal is also easy to clean.

Furniture destined for the outdoors can be custom made and we ensure that it’s design is both practical and contemporary.

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