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In the world of DIY and professional horticulture, metal products need to be weatherproof, user-friendly and safe for customers to use.

Drameco’s product range includes galvanized wire, mesh products, steel fencing and metal parts for greenhouses. Also steel corner structures, deck frames, steel fences and galvanized fence posts.

Drameco has a wealth of experience in the DIY market and the world of professional horticulture.

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Metal products and components in the DIY industry

Drameco produce metal components for wooden fences, metal parts for slat screens, decks and also rust-proof zinc or aluminium corner proflies for safely finishing sharp decking.

Metal applications in horticulture, plant cultivation and greenhouses

Plants are grown on wire grilles in controlled-climate environments and Drameco produces the metal grids for this as well as the racks for seed germination and the metal parts for various types of special heat lamps


Drameco supplies a wide range of wire products for professional horticulture : grilles for climbing plants, metal growing containers and flower ball boxes. We produce for both farmers themselves and for suppliers in the plant sector.

We produce large metal carts for harvesting for legalized cannabis farms. These products have to meet particularly high standards of cleanliness and stainless steel is the ideal material.  Our product range also includes hanging systems for plants, small stainless steel seeding trays and special carts with incorporated lighting.

Displays in DIY and horticulture

In many DIY and hardware stores you will find displays designed, produced and supplied by Drameco. Collapsible point-of-sale displays with wire hooks for short-term use for hanging packs of bulbs and also demo displays for BBQs, communication and advertising displays for hammers, saws etc and showroom displays for window coverings like Luxaflex.

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