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In this new reality we need to be able to live and work together safely and virus-free. Drameco has effective and attractive solutions : discrete splash-free solutions to ensure safe communication with each other and chic, smart solutions for disinfection. For a uniform appearance, Drameco introduces these solutions in the Smart Covid Kit.

Drameco Smart Covid Kit

The Smart Covid Kit consists of the Drameco Smart Cleaner – a high quality disinfection column with communication features and the Drameco Smart Guard – discrete metal screens. These are made to compliment each other aesthetically and suit every corporate identity.


Smart Cleaner

The Smart Cleaner disinfects safely and elegantly anywhere in the building. The slim, metal column is contact-less, looks professional and can display instructions, welcome messages or advertisements.

  • Users can safely, quickly and hygienically disinfect hands without contact
  • It’s elegant design compliments it’s surroundings
  • Available in standard classic black or white or powder-coated in any RAL colour on requeset
  • Available with or without the elegant communication option
  • Column easy to clean and easily replaced dispenser

The Smart Cleaner is now available in the handy Smart Covid Kit together with the Smart Guard


Drameco Smart Guard

Thanks to the Smart Guard, it is possible to work and comminicate safely and securely with others in a confined environment. The durable, high-quality screen constructions provide a safe space for contact between employees and customers and not only compliment the professional environment but are also easy to assemble and install at any workplace or counter.

  • Employees can continue to work together, protected, in their current workplace
  • Employees and customers can have safe, protected contact
  • The smart construction allows for discretion in the workplace
  • Can be installed at both front and sides of workstations and counters
  • Available in standard chic black or white, or any RAL powder-coating on request
  • Available with mobile attachement or on stylized “legs”
  • Easy to disassemble, move and clean

Metal experts

Drameco is happy to provide solutions during this pandemic and will sample the Smart Covid Kit free of charge to interested customers to ensure an appearance that is tailored to and compliments their working environment and corporate identity.

Working together to provide a safe and healthy environment.

Interested parties can call the Drameco metal Info line

+31(0) 524 - 513 710info@drameco.nl