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Metal is widely used in the very technical agricultural industry where there are increasing demands on working methods and corporate responsibility. Efficiency, innovation and animal welfare are paramount.

Whilst the focus is on automation, robotisation, safety and sustainability, these developments must also remain flexible and of high quality.

Drameco are a trusted partner of stalinrichters and other suppliers to the agricultural sector and can help the industry develop and expand with applications such as metal animal-friendly grilles, wire grilles, chicken grilles, gauze mats and machinery parts.

Don’t hesitate to enquire about Drameco’s capabilities in metal for agriculture, abattoirs, animal husbandry and plant cultivation. Contact us now for more information.

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Metal chicken grilles for chicken houses

Drameco specialises in producing grids for chicken houses. The hen lays her egg on a turf covered grille and then Drameco’s hinged grille guides her humanely from the nest whilst the egg falls onto a second wire grille that is quickly removed. This is a hygienic, cost-effective solution which minimises broken eggs. We produce various types of these metal wire grilles so contact us know for more information.

Ventilation grilles for plant cultivation and animal husbandry

Ventilation is vital in the agricultural sector, especially in animal husbandry and plant cultivation. Drameco produce the necessary metal wire grilles for producers of all types of fans to supply fresh air and remove unwanted odours.

We also produce large ventilation grilles for the sides of agricultural buildings to aereate crops such as tomatoes, asparagus and cucumbers. And also for various types of barns for example special grids for ventilation in pig houses. We produce a wide range of loose metal wire grilles which are available in all sizes.

Gauze mats

We produce mesh mats for all kinds of uses in warehouses, gardens and interiors. These strong, flexible mesh mats can be customized by size, thickness and colour, either galvanized or lacquered. Contact us now for more details about Drameco’s mesh mats


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