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In medicine, health and care hygiene and safety are of great importance in the workplace. High demands are placed on technical products and components by machine manufacturers, suppliers to medical establishments and furniture in the health and care business.

Metal is the logical choice for health, care and medical applications during these challengig times due to it’s surface quality, carrying capacity, hygiene, mobility and accuracy

Drameco has knowledge and experience in the medical sector, so contact us now.

Metal products in laboratories and hospitals

Stainless steel applications have an obvious advantage over other materials in medical environments and Drameco has already produced much in stainless steel for laboratories. Waste bins, profiles for transport trucks and archive storage racks for example.

The great advantage of Drameco’s waste bins is that they are not welded but the sheet material is assembled with screws which makes assembly and cleaning easier. We produce, paint, package and deliver the product parts to our clients.

We also produce archive storage racks for hospital warehouses. These racks are fully mobile with wheels, thanks to a handy cap under the steel tube structure.

Working safely during a pandemic

In this new reality we need to be able to live and work together safely and virus-free. Drameco has  effective and attractive solutions : discrete splash-free solutions to ensure safe communication with each other and chic, smart solutions for disinfection. For a uniform appearance, Drameco introduces these solutions in the Smart Covid Kit.

Drameco Smart Cleaner 

The Drameco Smart Cleaner is a high quality, mobile disinfection column. The slim, metal column is contact-less, looks professional and can display instructions, welcome messages or advertisements.

Drameco Smart Guard

The Drameco Smart Guard is a discrete metal screen holder to ensure safety whilst working and communicating in close conditions. These durable, high-quality mobile screen constructions provide a safe environment between employees and customers and are easy to situate and assemble at any workplace or counter. They can be placed at various positions around and on top of tables and desks.

Drameco also produces scuffproof steel flower boxes as an attractive way to guide and direct the passage of employees and customers.

If you are a machine manufacturer or supplier to the medical sector looking for technical metal solutions, contact Drameco now for more information.

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