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As you can see, Drameco now has a new, fresh look for our logo, our corporate identity and our website. We have taken a good look in the mirror and thought carefully about ourselves and our positioning.

We offer so many possibilities in metal products, parts and accessories. In metal tube, plate and wire and also in combination with wood, cardboard and plastic.

So that’s extensive and comprehensive but can we do more ? Does our message come across clearly in our customer relationships ? Do we successfully showcase all the different industries in which we work ?

On the whole, fortunately, Yes! But it’s also the right time to streamline and clarify. So we have reinvented ourselves and can sum-up our evolution in a clear , new message to you :

Drameco, any project in metal

Because that’s what we do. We realize your individual metal projects, making anything possible for you to offer your customers, visitors, patients or users. And that’s why we design and produce, in metal. Because that’s what we’re good at.

Technical metal products, parts and accessories. Wire baskets and shelves for shop interiors, infinite possibilities in the field of communication displays and a wide variety of technical products.

Whatever you need in metal, Drameco can do it.

Drameco logo

The familiar Drameco logo has been re-looked, to reflect our vision for years to come, without compromising the recognisable Drameco symbol. Some modern additions and fresh colours to our corporate identity clarify our message and show we’re ready for the future!

Drameco’s new website

Alongside our new message to you in your specific field, it was time for a new website. We’re pleased you found it ! Let us know what you think !

Drameco’s team are waiting to hear from you!

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