The history of Drameco

Drameco started in 1973 in Coevorden and is an abbreviation for ‘ wire-metal-Coevorden ‘. The then director J. B Wesseling started with two other compagnons in a small hall with the making of wire baskets for the supermarkets and transport baskets for the industry. After several years, next to wire is increasingly chosen for other metal products such as tube, strip and plate. The company’s leadership has been in the hands of Ard Wesseling since 2000.

The company grew from 1973 with 8 people to a current stock of 50 employees, the company surface grew from 600m2 to 10,000 m2 and Drameco has a modern production unit, a powder coating street and a logistics centre. In 2005 it was decided to set up its own office in Wittlich, Germany and since 2009 there is an intimate cooperation with POS-Factory Int. In Roosendaal. In 2017 a new office was opened close to Biarritz, France.

Current situation since 2006
Drameco in 1993
Drameco in 1973