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Drameco is known for producing to customer’s specifications. However, in today’s uncertain Covid era, we ouselves want to ensure  safe living and working conditions for our customers and for us too.

As the profound effects of the pandemic become increasingly clear, we noticed that our customers needed solutions to ensure their safety and so we have introduced Drameco’s Smart Covid Kit.

Drameco Smart Covid Kit

This kit includes discrete splash-free solutions  to ensure safe communication with each other and chic, smart solutions for disnfection. Our customers can rely on us to provide a quick and proven system in these uncertain times.

Smart Cleaner disinfection column

More than 1000 high-quality mobile metal disinfection columns have been ordered and delivered to our customer in Germany with a large chain of bicycle accessory outlets. This ensures that visitors and employees in all its shops throughout Germany can continue to shop and work safely. We have also received an application from a large supermarket chain to supply 3300 of our Smart Cleaners and have already delivered smaller quantities of columns to many of our existing and also new customers.

Smart Guard screen

The Smart Guard is a high-quality, mobile and durable splash screen construction that enables safe contact between employees and customers. The screens are easy to install or mount at any workplace or counter. The sleek design ensures safety in a discrete and elegant way. We are currently working with various municipal authorities to provide safer office environments with Drameco’s Smart Guards.

Personalised safety devices

Unfortunately the reality is that we will need to continue working and living with these types of safety measures for a while longer. Safety is, of course the primary function of our kits, however we also offer customers the opportunity to personalize these safety products which is obviously an attractive option for products that we will use long-term.

For example, whilst the technical basis of the disinfection column is standard, the appearance can be customized. We can add your own branding, colours and logo and also communication features like welcome messages, advertising or instructions.

We can also apply your logo on the metal screen holder of the Smart Guard screens and these can be matched to the disinfection columns to compliment each other.

With our Smart Covid Kit, Drameco can enable our customers to continue working and communicating  safely in times of a pandemic. If you are interested in this safety equipment, contact us now to discuss prototyping of a tailored solution to your specific situation.

Call us for more information on +31(0)524 – 513710 or contact verkoop@drameco.nl 

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Smart Cleaner column:
  • Users can safely, quickly and hygienically disinfect hands without contact
  • It’s elegant design compliments it’s surroundings
  • Available in standard classic black or white or powder-coated in any RAL colour on request
  • Available with or without the elegant communication feature
  • Column easy to clean and easily replaced dispenser
Drameco Smart Guard screen:
  • Employees can continue to work together, protected, in their current workplace
  • Employees and customers can have safe, protected contact
  • The smart construction allows for discretion in the workplace
  • Can be installed at both front and sides of workstations and counters
  • Available in standard chic black or white, or any RAL powder-coating on request
  • Option for Logo on metal holder
  • Available with mobile attachement or on “stylized” legs
  • Easy to disassemble, move and clean