Sports are healthy

Everyone knows that playing sports is essential for a good health. It has a several positive effects on your health, it lowers bodyweight and overweight, it lowers the blood pressure and cholesterol and it improves blood sugar and other health elements of diabetes. Because of that, Drameco supports sport activities of emplayees and their families. Below the sport clubs and teams that are supported by Drameco. 



• ZPC Hoogeveen                         


Together with Kros BV and main sponsor Venko BV, Drameco BV supports the top group of swimming club ZPC in Hoogeveen




• Badminton club "The Racketeers" Emmen



• Mountainbike group "The Kuytenbijters" Coevorden



• Football club CSVC Coevorden


• Football club Raptim , Coevorden 


• Football club Germanicus, Coevorden


• Football club “SVV’04” Schoonebeek


• Company bowling team "Drameco" at Bowling Club Coevorden


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