The production process

Drameco has a modern and flexible production capacity. The wire, with a diameter ranging from 2 to 10 mm, is delivered in coils of 1000 kilos each and is processed on 4 straightening machines. These machines remove the tension from the wire and cut it to the desired length. The coils are also processed by a 3D bending machine to 60 mm and a range of 80 cm, and by a 2D bending machine with flash welder to 10 mm and a range of 250 cm. For the production of baskets, mats and shelves we have 4 IDEAL wire mesh welding machines, 2 portal welding machines and 6 Co2 Panasonic welding robots.

 The production assembly for baskets and displays has 6 Co2 welding positions, 15 resistance welding machines, a tube bending machine and 3 Bistronic bending machines. Our own epoxy line assures the colorful finishing, with related departments for assembly and packaging. Our 3000 m2 logistics centre takes care of the temporary storage and shipping, but also of any long term storage if requested by the client. 




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